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Welcome to U.S. History!

On-level US History and UIL classes will use Google Classroom as our learning management system.

Dual Credit will use Canvas through Weatherford College.

Click here for On-Level U.S.History Course Description

Click here for Dual Credit 1301 U.S. History Course Description

Click here for Dual Credit 1302 U.S. History Course Description

Class Supplies – Please check the following list to see what supplies I am asking your class to bring. Thank you!

  • 1st and 2nd periods please bring tissues - two boxes

  • 5th period please bring hand sanitizer - one bottle

  • 3rd and 8th periods please bring a package of no. 2 pencils

  • 4th period please bring paper towels - two rolls

My Daily Schedule

1st Period – US History

2nd Period – U.S. History, dual credit

3rd Period – US History, dual credit

4th Period – US History, dual credit

5th Period – US History

6th Period – Conference Period

7th Period – UIL Spelling, Literary Criticism, Headline, Copy and Editing

8th Period – US History

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