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Heidi Boles


Ms. Boles History

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Course: US History

Instructor: Heidi Boles


Phone ext. 4309

Conference: 8:55-9:40

Tutoring: 12:40-1:10

Course Description: Explores the major events that have shaped United States history. Students learn to recognize cause and effect related to history, identify major historical turning points and develop historical interpretations.

Texts and Supplemental Materials:

  • Provided in Class - History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals, TCI, 2018
  • Various supplemental readings and educational aids

Class Expectations and Requirements:

  • House Rules: Work hard and be nice to people.
  • Be prepared to work
  • Be engaged with the material. Students are expected to take ownership of their own goals in this class and work to achieve them
  • Water is allowed in class, but no other food or drink
  • Electronic devices may ONLY be used with permission- they should be kept away in backpacks.
  • Cell phones are not allowed and will be placed in a charging station during class. 

Late Work Policy:

  • Late work will be accepted, but only up to 70% credit.

Make-up Work Policy:

  • Students have one day for each day of excused absence to complete the work. It is the responsibility of the student to talk to the teacher the day they return about a missed test. If the student was absent for one day, they will be expected to take the test the day or day after they return.
  • I allow students the opportunity for grade redemption on any assignment, quiz, or test for up to 70% credit when scheduled by the student and redone within a week of grading. (No test retakes…but will consider alternative assignments for failed tests.)

Evaluation and Assessment Procedures

  • Student evaluation will be based on the following: (but not limited to) 
    • 40% - Daily work: class participation, select group projects, notes, discussions
    • 60% - Tests: chapter exams, ISN assessments, select individual projects

You will need the following supplies:

  • pencils 
  • 1 composition book (Your ISN)                              
  • 1 highlighter                                                                                           
  • Crayola crayons or colored pencils (have your own hand sharpener if you prefer colored pencils)
  • scotch tape (three rolls)
  • 1 box of tissues


Heidi Boles

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School Phone:
817-596-7425 x 4309
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