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My name is John White. This is my ninth year at Brock.  I’m a Desert Storm veteran and served in Iraq with the XVIII Airborne Corp.  For fourteen years, I was a Dallas/ Fort Worth trial and appellate attorney, and I have represented my clients as far as the Texas Supreme Court. I am also an avid fisherman, a mediocre hunter, an outdoor photographer and artist, and a fanatic Texas Rangers fan.  I build "old school" hot rods, and, if given a choice (by my wife), I would eat nothing but bacon.

My love of teaching and my desire to help young adults realize their full potential brought me to teaching. I teach English III.   I’m also the high school cross-examination debate coach. I wasn’t always the best student, but I succeeded because people invested in me and worked hard to show me that I could achieve goals that I never thought were possible.   I’m invested in my students' success, and I’m here to show them possibilities and help them achieve their goals. 



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