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Welcome to Sports Medicine 1 & 2!

I’m in my third year teaching sports medicine and my fourth year at Brock. In addition to teaching, I’m also the atheltic trainer on campus. I love to watch sports and am lucky that my job includes getting to watch our talented athletes. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, cooking, taking Pure Barre classes and naps! My fiancé is a professor at TCU, with both of us being alumni, we love watching TCU sporting events when we have time!

I’m excited to have a classroom on campus this year and be able to expand our class into four sections of Sports Medicine 1 and one section of Sports Medcine 2. The class is going to be very different from years past, lots of hands on activities, some good speakers and I’m hoping to even take a couple kids each six weeks to watch some surgeries! 

This year, we are doing interacitve notebooks and we will also be reading a few books to expand our knowlege on the realm of Sports Medicine. I’m hoping for a wonderful year!



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